Thursday, May 31, 2012

May 31

Slow week.  Busy and not able to pay attention to trading as much.  If nothing pops up tomorrow I expect I’ll jump into something next week.  
FYI, in case anyone was wondering: even though the portfolio is considerable bigger, I do not plan on increasing my “max per trade” policy of $2,500 at the moment.  Once I have made a full $1,000 (i.e. once the portfolio hits $6,000) I’ll consider either increasing the max-per-trade for the 2 trade cycle or moving to a 3 trade cycle with a max of $2,000 per trade.  
The latter would give me greater flexibility and be able to jump into more trades and not have to skip as many as I’ve had to in order to avoid trading with unsettled funds.  

We’ll see what happens.  

Thursday, May 24, 2012

May 24

Out CEDC 4.03 for 5.5%ish gain.  Profit is profit, won’t hear me complaining about 5%... in fact thats part of Jason Bond's core strategy, "5-10% rinse and repeat" as he always says".  He explains this in the 3rd paragraph here in his quick start guide.

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

May 23

In CEDC 3.82.  A European stock.  Interested to see where this goes... looking for a cliche European joke I can use here... nope... nothing...

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

May 22

Out JVA for a whopping 15% overnight!  
I exited at 7.67 for my biggest win yet.  I think it’s safe to say Jason Bond is 
officially awesome.  And so is Java.  Might have to go over there for a cup of Joe to show my appreciation…  

Monday, May 21, 2012

May 21

In JVA at 6.68; most expensive stock I’ve bought so far (JAVA 
coffee…pretty big company I guess); only able to afford 370 shares with my 
predetermined $2,500 per trade policy.  
Hoping this will be the morale booster I need after last week’s

Thursday, May 17, 2012

May 17

Punched out of WTSLA at 2.97 for a 5% loss.  
Sad but will try to remain optimistic in light of the previous two
successful trades.  Portfolio is 
still up overall…not the end of the world.

Monday, May 14, 2012

May 14

In WTSLA at 3.12.  Let's see if we can continue our winning streak!  Speaking of winning streaks, here's a pretty amazing article on Jason Bond Picks about a crazy streak he had a few months ago.  One of the reasons I jumped off the fence and subscribed... (click here for article).

Friday, May 11, 2012

May 11

Out of HEK today at 3.91 for a quick overnight 7% swing.  And what's more: with these two first sells I've made $366, that means I've officially made back the $297 subscription fee plus $69 in just the first week.  Impressed so far. If you are too, head over to his subscription page here.

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Monday, May 7, 2012

May 7

First sell with Jason Bond Picks.  Exited VRNG at 3.79; turned $2,450 into $2,635.  Not bad for a first trade!  With this one trade I've already made back the majority of the subscription fee for the entire quarter.  If things continue at this rate, the question of paying $297 per quarterly subscription will be a non-issue.  If you were on the fence about joining because of the subscription fee, snap out of it and go subscribe now (click here).

Friday, May 4, 2012

May 4

First trade today.  
700 shares of VRNG at 3.50.  
We’ll see what happens…

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

May 2

Okay, folks, welcome to the Trade Journal.  The $297 was a pretty significant investment in itself; I don't want to throw too much more real money at this until I know for sure that it works.  Therefore, as Jason Bond recommends, I'm going to start off here with some paper trading.  Its always a safe way to test the waters.  TDAmeritrade has a good paper trading system as does Investopedia and many others.  

I'm going to start with a fairly modest $5,000 and see what happens.  Due to the size of the portfolio and in order to avoid using unsettled funds during the 3 day turn around after each sell, I'm going to have a 2 trade cycle with a max of $2,500 in each trade.  If/when the portfolio grows I might bump up that max-per-trade.  

I plan on following Jason Bond's alerts pretty closely.  Won't be doing too much stuff on my own, especially entries... exits I will exercise a little more flexibility with.

Now, in order to keep all my bases covered, I need to post a bunch of cliche, generic, disclaimer stuff below.  Please read through it if you get confused about anything. is not an investment adviser   This blog is simply a record of trades made with a "paper trading" portfolio.  Paper trading is also known as simulated trading.  To learn more about paper trading click here.  All aspects of the portfolio and its trades are simulated and hypothetical.  All references in this blog to dollar amounts or percentage gains or losses are referring to "paper trade" or "simulated" values.  (I highly recommend, when you subscribe to Jason Bond Picks, you paper trade with TDAmeritrade, or investopedia for the first week or so in order to get used to Jason Bond's alerts and trading style.  You cannot go wrong with paper trading; buying $1000 worth of XYZ, real or simulated, and selling after a 25% increase, real or simulated, will give you $250... real or simulated).  Jason Bond's buy and sell alerts are part of a paid service and, therefore, to avoid compromising his service all buys reported in this blog will have the stock symbol represented by the word "blank" until after the stock has been sold at which point the blog post will be edited and the word "blank" will be replaced with the appropriate stock symbol.  Due to the size of the portfolio, not all of Jason Bond's alerted trades will be followed.  Obviously any results, good or bad, recorded in this journal are not meant to guarantee that other subscribers to Jason Bond Picks will have similar results (although I certainly hope they will!)