Saturday, March 12, 2016

Thoughts on Jason Bond Picks Part 1

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In addition to logging the trades, we'll be starting a new blog post series here called "Thoughts about Jason Bond Picks" in which we'll discuss various aspects of Jason Bond's service.  For part one, we'll be talking about the subscription price.

$297 per quarter sounds like a lot of money.  For many it is.  However, my suspicion is that it's not objectively a lot for most people interested in trading.  People looking into active trading probably spend around $297 per quarter on silly cable TV packages that they don't need, high-speed internet, movie tickets, etc.  Heck a lot of people probably spend that on fast food alone!  And that's fine.  The question is one of ROI.  What sort of future wealth growth does cable get you?  Movie tickets? Fast food?  (Fast food will get you a different kind of growth).  Now compare that to the benefits of a Jason Bond Picks subscription.  You have the unprecedented, unheard of situation in which an expert swing trader with an outstanding win rate is actually letting you mirror his exact trades as well as teaching you to be a better trader.  You have the potential to be making 5-10% growth on your portfolio from each trade.  I mean, you've got guys in the day trading room making $500 per day!  Before 11am!  What the heck is $297?  If I were Jason Bond I'd be charging an arm and a leg for this service.  But he doesn't.  He has kept it down at $297 for 4 years.  And I find that unbelievable.  Subscribing to Jason Bond Picks is a no brainer, in my opinion.  

But if, by some chance, you are having a hard time making that initial jump and subscribing because of the $297, we've got something that will offset the price considerably.  An amazing, enormous, $997 bonus package consisting of almost 40 hours of trading video lessons and over a half-dozen eBooks, yours FREE when you sign up to Jason Bond Picks via our unique link.  Click here to learn more.

Monday, March 7, 2016

There's a new, awesome bonus package to take the sting out of the Jason Bond Picks subscription price. Head over to to check it out!