Overall Review

Overall Review

Jason Bond, a previous full time school teacher, had sufficient success swing trading stocks to decide to leave his teaching occupation and trade full time.  According to his biography, he still had a passion for teaching and chose therefore to combine said passion with his skills in trading.  Thus was born Jason Bond Picks.  (More information on Jason Bond can be found on his "about me" page located here.
        With his business, Jason Bond Picks, Jason offers several services and features.  The primary service is his Swing Trade Membership known as "Bond Swing Trades".  

Bond Swing Trades

        Generally, Jason Bond's strategy is to analyze a stock's charts, determine which ones might have a bright near-term future, buy and hold a stock for a few days or so (sometimes it is only one day, sometimes a week) and sell as soon as he sees 5-10% profit.  He turns this swing trade strategy into success for his subscribers via the following features of his Swing Trades service.


        With the alerts service he provides real-time alerts via text, email, and live chat for every trade he makes.  This means that when he buys 1,000 shares of EXYZ for $2.50, he immediately alerts via the above mentioned mediums "bought 1000 EXYZ for $2.50".  More importantly, he alerts when he sells as well ("sold EXYZ $2.94"); all in real time.  The benefit here, for those who do not have time to follow stocks or be in the chat room or train themselves to be better traders, is that subscribers can simply "mirror" all of his buys and sells as they occur.

Thoughts:  Jason's real-time alerts are an awesome feature and have paid off big time for me.  There are varying degrees to which you can choose to work with your Jason Bond Picks membership.  I know people who stay home all day trading and putting Jason's video lessons to work on their own trades. I know people who hang around in chat, work together, get everyone's opinion on a stock and make a trade accordingly.  But by far the most basic and sure-fire method is to simply mirror Jason's alerts.

        If you have either a computer with internet access or a phone with text messaging with you throughout market hours then you can make good use of this feature.  A typical trade for me might go something like this: I'm on the computer at work, I see the "buy" alert either via email or chat (if I have the chat room open), I immediately move to my Scottrade account open in another tab, use a calculator and determine how many shares I can buy, and initiate the same trade (in my case on a much smaller scale than Jason); or perhaps I'm at the dinner table at lunch, I see the "sold such-and-such" alert via text message, I go to the Scottrade app on my iPhone, my wife rolls her eyes, I initiate the sell and remind her it was a worthwhile interruption.  That is the ideal scenario.

        The only possible negative is when it takes a while to mirror the trade.  The market moves fast.  There have been a couple instances where I received an alert in which Jason had sold something at a 10% gain, but I hadn't logged into my Scottrade account that day and had to go through the log-in process, or had to double check my settled funds because I forgot to earlier, or any number of things that might take a couple minutes to do, and by the time I got to the "confirm trade" button the 10% gain had dropped to a 4% gain.  This, of course, is still a gain, but it just goes to show that mirroring trades does not work like magic and you need to knock out some preparatory things early on each day so that when the alert does come, you can get straight to trading with minimal delay.  Obviously, no matter how much preparation you do on your web browser or smartphone, sometimes you'll be in a meeting or conversation in which stopping to trade simply is not an option.  Not much you can do about that.

Daily Chat Room

        The Daily Chat Room is arguably the second most important feature of Jason Bond Picks, although the folks who actually trade full time might argue it is the most important, because daily chat includes the alerts as well.  Daily Chat is where money is made.  More specifically, it is where a community of thousands (but usually only around 400 in chat) work together to help each other make money.  Jason Bond Picks' Daily Chat is without question the most mature, professional, and effective chat room I have ever worked in.
        The chat room opens early in the morning and stays open well after the market closes.  During market hours all discussion is market and money-making oriented.  This principle is very important and, unlike other chat rooms, is actually adhered to in here.  Horseplay, excessive irrelevant chatter, profanity, immaturity, pumping, and all the other things the other chat rooms suffer from are simply not tolerated here.  The occasional slip is often made by a new guy but he is promptly warned and given a link to he chat guidelines.  This leads to an awesome trading environment.  You can read the Chat Room Rules here.

        Jason Bond is very accessible in the chat room and often will go on microphone to answer questions or talk about a trade.  In addition to Jason himself, there are three main moderators,Luke M., Matt G., and Otto S., who play a big role in the chat room as well.  These gentlemen are permitted to alert their trades and their alerts appear similar to Jason's but in a different color.  (These alerts of theirs should not be confused with the swing trade alerts that are sent by Jason over email and text.  The moderator alerts appear only in the chat room.)  Chief among the moderators is Luke M. who handles day trading for Jason Bond Picks.  He and those who follow his trades regularly make thousands every day and if you have a day-trading size portfolio to start with it might be something to consider; however, this review is simply about Jason Bond's Swing Trades, not day trades; if you are interested in day trading you can read more about it by scrolling down to the day trade section on this page.  To learn more about the moderators go take a look at their biographies here.        As mentioned above, all alerts that are sent in real-time by email and text are also made in the chat room and appear at the top of the screen on a colored band and accompanied by a bell sound.  For my part, I work full time and can only pop into the chat room periodically.  But there are plenty of folks in there who trade full time and make their living purely via swing trading with Jason Bond Picks.  These veteran traders will often be scouring news and charts and bringing developments to the attention of the chat room for everyone to chime in on, and will often announce their own buys and sells as well (though never in the form of an alert).

        Jason Bond Picks' chat room also scores points for accessibility.  For those whose workplaces have firewalls that prevent you from viewing chat rooms or for those who want to be in chat while on the go, you can participate in chat via the omNovia app on your iPhone/iPod/iPad or Android.  OmNovia's app is a bit awkward to get used to but it gets the job done, complete with "ding" sounds for each alert.  Read more about this here.  Additionally, chat has volume control so you can mute all the dings, shrink the chat window, and keep an eye open for the colored alert bands in the corner of your screen while at work or in class... not that I'm advocating that or anything...

Watch Lists

        Every trading day is preceded by a thorough watch list that he sends out, detailing what stocks he is watching and why he thinks they might have potential.  In addition to this daily watch list he also maintains a "Master Watch List" which includes detailed information about stocks and ideal ranges and conditions he is looking for in each of them.  The vast majority of trades that are alerted end up being from the watch list, so it is a good idea to study these at night or in the morning before the market opens and be prepared to trade them should they.

        When adding stocks to the Master Watch List, Jason Bond is looking for companies with a market cap between $50 million and $2 billion, a beta of 1 or higher, and a price between .25 and $10.  Particularly, stocks that meet the above parameters and are oversold are prime targets for the Master Watch List.  The next step is to observe these stocks for key indicators that would put them in potential swing trade territory and then move them to the Daily Watch List.  Out of respect for Jason Bond's business, I'll refrain from stating explicitly what the "key indicators" or patterns are, but I will state that he does an outstanding job of explaining these for the layman in video lessons 1,2, and 3.

        In addition to these, Jason Bond Picks also features a watch list called "Account Builders".  The goal of the Account Builders list is to identify smaller stocks that have a greater profit potential for those who are starting with smaller accounts.  This idea was absolutely ingenious because there are several subscribers who start with Jason Bond Picks with as little as several hundred dollars (the smallest one I've met was $700) and desire to grow their accounts a little quicker.  Account Builders saw significant success within just a few weeks of its implementation with gains as high as 42% and 58% percent   

Transparent Portfolio and Portfolio Analysis

        Subscribers can see at any time exactly how much Jason Bond has in his portfolio and what stocks he is holding.  Using a QuoteMedia application, Jason Bond provides fully transparent showcasing of his Portfolio and trading activities allowing his subscribers to verify that he is always putting his money where his mouth is.  In addition to simply displaying the portfolio data, he also maintains daily updates on his Portfolio Analysis page in the form of "open trade analysis" articles.  In these daily posts he provides commentary on the current situation and outlook of each currently held stock, what he expects/hopes to see in the near term, and, of course, a sell target.  As stated above, the sell target is generally around 5-10% above his entry point.

        It really is a comfortable and reassuring feeling each day to be able to look at current open trades and see that Jason Bond is on top of them, keeping a close eye on them and filling you in on what he expects and what he's waiting for.  

Video Lessons and Teaching

        This is really where Jason Bond shines and shows off his true colors.  Jason Bond Picks is not some mindless money-making scheme.  Jason Bond Picks is not some stupid "penny stocks newsletter" or pump and dump trick.  Jason Bond Picks is not even an alert factory for mirroring trades (although it works quite well that way and he's fine with you using it that way if you're working full time and just want to supplement your income with trades without doing chart analysis, etc., yourself).
        Jason Bond Picks is principally none of those things.  Instead, Jason Bond Picks is a place to learn, work together, and make money.  Sounds a bit cheesy, I suppose, but spend just a few minutes in chat and you'll discover this.  The thing to keep in mind here is that Jason Bond is a teacher.  He taught elementary for 10 years and has a master's in education.  Teaching is what he is good at and it is what he enjoys.  The man is crazy about teaching and turns every available moment into a teaching opportunity.  In chat he'll often go on microphone, make his desktop visible and just start teaching, pulling up charts that he is looking at, lecturing about patterns, referencing principles from previous video lessons or webinars, and making himself available on microphone for questions.  In fact this seems to happen almost every day.  You can tell that although he doesn't mind you subscribing simply to mirror his trades, his real passion is to make you a better trader.  There is a sincerity about it all that almost seems to be too good to be true.

        The primary means of teaching, up until recently, has been his video lessons.  The video lessons, particularly lessons 1 through 3, start very basic, deal with the types of indicators and patterns to look for when hunting for good swing trades (I won't mention what they are, you'll have to see for yourself), and are specifically meant to be easy for the beginner to comprehend.  And when I say beginner, I mean someone with zero experience swing trading, something to which I myself can testify.  The video lessons just get better and more numerous.  Often times someone will ask Jason in chat if he can do a lesson on a certain topic.  The answer is yes and it will eventually pop up on the video lesson page.  In addition to the standard video lessons, Jason hosts live webinars and often does things like watch list explanations in video format as well.
        I mentioned above that the primary means of teaching has been the video lessons on the video lessons page "until recently".  By "until recently" I'm refering to the new line of HD videoshe has just rolled out that add up to a 16 hour workshop entitled "The Basics of Swing Trading".  These videos are amazingly clear, and wonderfully thorough and detailed.  The DVD set will be retailing for just under $500 but if you're a member he mails it to you for free and, of course, you can already view them online with your subscription.


        At the end of the day, Jason Bond Picks sticks out as arguably the best swing trading/day trading community on the web.  I have been pleasantly surprised time after time by the quality of the service and I cannot recommend it enough.

Ready to give Jason Bond Picks a try?


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