Saturday, August 4, 2012

The Past Few Months in Review

The past few months in review

Well, so far out of 16 plays we've only had 4 losses: 75% success rate. That's undeniably an awesome deal. We started in the beginning of May with $5,000 and now, less than 3 months later, we have $7,157.70 in the portfolio. That's a 43% (or $2,157) increase in less than 3 months! And I'm still within the first quarter which only costed $297! Folks, there is simply no denying it... Jason Bond Picks is a win-win and you need to head to this page and subscribe now! If we had this sort of success with a smaller portfolio, imagine translating these results into a big portfolio scenario. Or, if you just want to supplement your income and slowly grow a portfolio, translate these gains into an even smaller portfolio scenario! Even a 43% gain on a portfolio of $800 would be no joke! Incidentally... there is another review site that does these hypothetical comparisons for youhere.

If you haven't joined yet, please do yourself a favor and go to Jason Bond's subscription page (here) and sign up now. I'll see you in the daily chat.

Note: Although I may keep this journal going in the future, the point of this trade journal was to see if Jason Bond Picks really worked, how much success could be had within one quarter, and specifically whether or not the $297 subscription fee was worth it. A gain of $2,157 (43%) over the past three months certainly answers this question for me and I will be renewing my subscription. Do these results answer the question for you? If so, click here.

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Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Aug 1

Coal has been good to me!  Out of JRCC at 2.24 for a solid 10% gain.  A good way to start off the month. This was a picture-perfect, textbook 10% swing trade; straight out of thevideo lessons and quick start guide.